Our personal approach ensures both a motivated team of domestic helpers and satisfied customers

Personal contact and tailored guidance are paramount. From this philosophy Dnix strives for a perfect match between customer and domestic help.

We offer a quality service tailored to the customer

Our office managers are happy to visit your home to cover all household tasks and to discuss all important matters. Do you prefer to come to the office yourself? Our door is of course always open to everyone. Be welcome in our offices!

Is this your first operation with service checks? guides you through registration as a new service check user, when creating a personal Sodexo web space, when ordering service checks, etc. We strive to provide a qualitative answer to all questions.

Our goal is to find a household help that you feel comfortable with. That’s why we select our household helpers based on references, motivation, flexibility and reliability. At the first meeting you go through the package of tasks together and you coordinate each other’s expectations. This way everyone can start working together with a good feeling.

Always strives to bring the same housekeeping help to the customer at the same time at home. Is your familiar household help absent? We offer a replacement if desired. This way you can always count on the necessary domestic help!

Our domestic helpers can count on a personal contact person

At the offices there are always motivated colleagues waiting for you to help you with all your questions.

A qualitative training is provided based on specific needs. In addition, there is continuous training in product knowledge and cleaning techniques.

Our domestic helpers can count on 100% correct administration and payroll processing..