Service Checks


A service check is a means of payment for which the three regions (Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia) make a financial contribution. Every adult person who has his main place of residence in one of these regions can, thanks to the service checks, make use of a household help at a favorable price through a recognized agency. The household help receives one service voucher per hour worked.


The price of a service check is 9 EURO per check for the first 400 purchased checks per calendar year. The remaining 100 service checks that you can still purchase per calendar year amount to 10 EURO per check. Moreover, you benefit from a tax reduction per service voucher which makes this even more advantageous. This tax reduction depends on the region in which you are domiciled. Every year you receive a tax certificate from Sodexo that you can add to your tax return to benefit from this benefit.

Paper or electronic?

During your registration with Sodexo you can choose between paper or electronic service checks. Paper service vouchers will be sent to you by post, you must fill in and sign it yourself when you hand in your polish. You can manage electronic service checks yourself via your secure Sodexo page or via an app on your smartphone. The service that is called in by your household help is confirmed or disputed by you via this page or app.

Choosing electronic service checks is choosing convenience and safety.

Safer in use
Loss or theft is no longer possible

Immediately available
After ordering you will receive the service checks in your electronic wallet soon

Much more reliable
Chance of overdue checks is smaller since the oldest checks are used first

Guarantee that the service check fulfills all conditions because nothing can go wrong when filling in / processing the check

How can you order service checks?

You must first register via Sodexo. You can do this via the site or you can of course visit one of our Dnix offices. After your registration you will receive a confirmation with your personal user number. It is very important to keep track of this user number because you use this number afterwards to order service checks.

A minimum of 10 service checks must always be purchased from Sodexo. The service vouchers can be purchased by means of a transfer to the bank account number of Sodexo of the region where you are domiciled. The structured message is your Sodexo user number.


Service checks in the Flemish Region

Service checks in the Brussels Region

Service checks in Wallonia Region